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Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Carab Enterprises has become a trusted source for lapel pins and other quality souvenirs in several key industries; however our core business remains serving our Veterans. We have been a licensed VFW Supplier since 1989, with the goal of providing a quality product at a fair price.

Combining his first and last names to brand the company he founded in 1989, Carroll Abrams had more than 50 years’ experience in the advertising specialty business. Joining forces with Carroll in 2002, Aaron Watkins brings nearly 40 years of marketing expertise to the table. Working together for nearly ten years, they built Carab Enterprises into the industry leader that it is today. Carroll passed away in November, 2011 and Aaron continues to expand and lead the company into the future.


We live and work by The Golden Rule. We make a fair profit in order to support our families - we do not believe in corporate greed. We treat our customers, employees and contractors fairly and with respect, and work only with suppliers who do the same. Founder Carroll Abrams and President Aaron Watkins have both personally visited our off-shore factories on separate occasions and witnessed working conditions that met and exceeded our expectations. Our suppliers meet strict international health and safety codes. We do not use factories that use child labor. 


We believe in giving back to our community - which includes our local community, as well as the extended community of our customer base. A portion of many sales is donated back to not-for-profits related to the interests of our customers. We also donate time, merchandise and money to causes that we and our customers believe in - from schools to veterans groups to churches to cultural organizations and more. While many of our donations are pre-determined, please send us an email if you would like to apply for a merchandise donation.


We hate junk mail and spam as much as you, so we will never sell, trade or give your information to anyone. We may email you a special offer 3-4 times per year or send a postcard or a sample 1-2 times per year.


We respect the environment and believe we are the stewards of the earth for future generations. We do our best to manage our environmental footprint to minimize the adverse impact on our world and encourage you to do the same. REDUCE • REUSE • RECYCLE are tenants we live and work by - from not printing unnecessary documents to printing in-house documents on the backs of old files to recycling boxes and packing materials. These policies are environmentally prudent, as well as economically sound.

We abide by all applicable environmental regulations. All products we distribute have been verified by independent laboratories to pass the stringent requirements of Consumer Products Health & Safety bill US CPISA HR 4040.